I had a great pleasure in seeing Andrew Warner perform his amazing poetry during one of our classes. His poetry captivated the entire class, so much so for the next few weeks that’s all we could talk about.


Grade 10, Vancouver

Slam poetry-meets-fringe-acting-meets-stand-up-comedy only begins to describe the high-energy display of emotion and thought that was the Tiny Tricycle Poets’ performance.

Jasmyne Eastmond

The Ubyssey, Tiny Tricycle Poets open for Shane Koyczan | Vogue Theatre

He is as passionate and intelligent as he is courageous. His poems are profound with a seamless imagery that unveils issues as they ought to be seen. His clever wit and authenticity is what brings him back to perform at our school again and again.

Mme. Santarossa

Librarian, North Vancouver

Andrew has a masterful voice. His presence and words had a profound impact on my students. As a teacher, I am always looking for ways to make an impression on my students and Andrew Warner was able to do just that.

Mr. Olson

Teacher, North Vancouver

I love being on stage from five-minute to five-hour sets. I perform spoken word poetry, stand up, storytelling, and interpretive dance when requested (see work with the Tiny Tricycle Poets). Whether you want Andrew Warner or a variety of performers, fill out this form to get in touch about potential collaborations.

Artist Fees

fifteen minutes
  • $150 | minimum fee for visits up to 15 mins
thirty minutes
  • $250 | minimum fee for visits up to 30 mins
sixty minutes
  • $500 | minimum fee for visits up to 60 mins

I have a variety of templates for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Spoken Word Poetry workshops depending on class needs, but I have also lead LGBTQ+ spectrum discussions and documentary filmmaking lessons in schools. See below if your school or organization might require financial assistance.

Artist Fees

80-minute template
  • $300 | ideal for shorter classes or first visits in schools
180-minute template
  • $450 | Ideal for multi-class workshops in libraries, gyms, etc.
residency / multi-day
  • $50/hour | Three day minimum residency length required

Andrew Warner is always committed to working with schools, non-profit organizations, and under-served communities to collaborate on a budget that works for both parties. Please fill out the form on the right to enquire about financially assisted or fee-free engagement requests.